Chilton Total Car Care Repair DVD Review

Chilton’s Total Car Care repair manual DVD provides the same software as the CD-ROM version, just in a different installation format. We have previously written an extensive review of the Chilton repair manual software.

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ChiltonDIY Online Repair Manuals Review

ChiltonDIY is not Chilton’s first foray into the world of digital repair information. But unlike their previous Total Car Care CD-ROM and DVD products, ChiltonDIY is an online repair manuals service.

Like their competitors, Chilton has transitioned into the digital format, and they now offer their repair data in an online subscription service called ChiltonDIY. After purchasing the product, you are allowed to log in and access the repair information for your vehicle immediately. There are search tools to help you quickly find the repair procedures you need.

You are essentially getting the same information you would receive in a traditional Chilton’s repair book or their CD-ROM and DVD products. Plenty of illustrations are provided, and the instructions are written with the casual mechanic in mind. Because the information come from a live online database, you may have access to updated or corrected information which you would not receive outside of the online format.

ChiltonDIY has a fair price to boot. It is a solid product for consumers who are making the switch from paper format to online repair manuals.

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Chilton Repair Manuals Review

Chilton is one of the oldest names in automotive literature. They offer paper service books, online repair manuals, and a CD-ROM version called Total Car Care. This review focuses on their original line of traditional paper repair manuals.

Each Chilton’s repair manual focuses on a specific vehicle or a set of vehicles that share the same mechanical parts. The most common repair procedures are broken down step by step, and the language is accessible to the casual DIY mechanic.

Chilton provides numerous illustrations throughout their manuals. These often include exploded diagrams of the vehicle’s parts, or visual aids depicting how to complete a task. Wiring diagrams revealing the car’s electrical system are also provided in every Chilton repair manual.

If you are doing inner transmission work, these books are not for you, as they only go as deep as the drivetrain. They also do not focus on electrical repairs, although the removal and installation of commonly replaced electrical system components like the starter and charger are covered.

Chilton also produces another series of printed repair manuals, the Professional Technician’s Edition, which is geared towards shop professionals. Each installment in this series of hardcover books averages around 1,000 pages in length and covers numerous vehicles from a given year range. These books cost more than the Chilton Total Car Care repair manuals, which are geared towards home mechanics.

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Mitchell OnDemand5 Service Manual DVD Review

The OnDemand5 service manual library on DVD contains the same information which Mitchell provides in their OnDemand online subscription.

A multiple-DVD installation, this software is priced for professional use in repair shops just like the subscription version – neither are meant for use by do-it-yourself mechanics. Information is provided for every car, truck, van, and SUV produced since the mid-1980s. Mitchell’s repair steps, illustrations, and wiring diagrams are included. The software interface is relatively easy to learn, but you may be annoyed by having to switch the discs back and forth to get the repair information you need.

If your garage has an internet connection, you may want to opt for the online service information and avoid the DVD installation. However, if your garage is not wired for the internet but does have a decent computer, this DVD repair manual collection was made for you and your repair shop. And unlike the online repair manuals subscription Mitchell offers, the DVD version of OnDemand5 is a flat one-time fee to purchase.

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The Vehicle Starts Briefly but Does Not Stay Running

LIKELY CAUSE: Choke (carbureted vehicles) – If you can keep the vehicle running by keeping your foot on the pedal, but releasing the pedal completely causes the engine to stall, the problem is you choke. If you allow a technician to perform the repair for you, he will probably want to replace the entire carburetor, since often the choke is not sold separately. NOTE: if the problem only occurs during cold outdoor weather, it is likely that the choke has stuck in the open position, preventing the rich air/fuel mixture required during cold weather. Try spraying choke cleaner on the choke linkage for a possible quick fix.

LIKELY CAUSE (2): Fuel filter (carbureted vehicles) – check to see that the fuel filter is not extremely clogged. A clogged filter will allow enough gas through to start the vehicle, but not enough to stay running.

LIKELY CAUSE (3): Electronic sensor (fuel injected vehicles) – if a sensor fails, the on-board computer will not be able to recognize the temperature outside and adjust the air/fuel mixture accordingly. During cold weather a sensor failure means that the engine will get a fuel/air mixture intended for normal weather, and the engine will not be able to function. To narrow the problem down to a particular sensor, you will need a technician to use an “engine analyzer” on your vehicle, which will run you around $50 depending on what part of the country you live in.

LIKELY CAUSE (4): Electric fuel pump (fuel injected vehicles) – if your fuel pump is functioning properly, you will hear a slight “whurring” sound as you start the engine. Open the hood and have someone start the engine for you. If you hear the “whuuur”, the fuel pump is working and is probably not the problem.

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